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January 2021
Halifax Downtown Business List

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# Halifax Downtown Business Name
1Nahla Ethnic Boutique 
2Nakamura Canada Corporation 
4Nansea Tomalty (Homeopathic Doctor) 
5Napier Communications 
6National Bank Financial Ltd. 
7National Car Rental 
8National Stress Management Wellness Centre 
9Natural Forces Technologies Inc. 
10Naturpathic Medicine 
11Nautical Knots & Fancy Rope Work 
12Navitrak International Corporation 
13NBCN Clearing 
15Neptune Theatre 
16Neptune Theatre School 
18New Beginnings Ministries 
19New Democratic Party Caucus 
20New Scotland Pictures Inc. 
21New Start Program 
22Nexans Canada Inc. 
24Niall Savage Architecture 
25Nic Image Studio 
26Nic Nax General Store (1) 
27Nic Nax General Store (2) 
28Niche Restaurant 
30Night Magic Fashions 
32Nortel Networks 
33North American Business Travel 
34North China Restaurant 
35North Star Business Centres Inc. 
36Northern Fibre Terminal Inc. 
37Northern Micro Inc. 
38Northern Transportation Company 
39Nova Knowledge 
40Nova Learning Inc. 
41Nova Scotia Acadian Affairs 
42Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS 
43Nova Scotia Association of Architects 
44Nova Scotia Association of Regional Development Authorities 
45Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers 
46Nova Scotia Barristers Society 
47Nova Scotia Barristers Society - Library 
48Nova Scotia Business Inc. 
49Nova Scotia Business Journal 
50Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design 
51Nova Scotia Choral Foundation 
52Nova Scotia Community College - Downtown Halifax Site 
53Nova Scotia Community Midwives 
54Nova Scotia Council for Family 
55Nova Scotia Deeds Registry 
56Nova Scotia Dental Association 
57Nova Scotia Denturist Licensing 
58Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development 
59Nova Scotia Department of Energy 
60Nova Scotia Department of Finance 
61Nova Scotia Department of Health & Welfare 
62Nova Scotia Department of Justice 
63Nova Scotia Department of Justice (Nova Scotia) 
64Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources 
65Nova Scotia Department of the Environment and Labour 
66Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council 
67Nova Scotia Federation of Foster Families 
68Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation 
69Nova Scotia Gambia Association 
70Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation 
71Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation 
72Nova Scotia Health Promotion 
73Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission 
74Nova Scotia Information Centre 
75Nova Scotia Institute of the Purchasing Management 
76Nova Scotia Law Courts 
77Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities 
78Nova Scotia Legislature 
79Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus Office 
80Nova Scotia Liquor Commission 
81Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation 
82Nova Scotia Nature Trust 
83Nova Scotia NDP Caucus 
84Nova Scotia Police Commission 
85Nova Scotia Power (1) 
86Nova Scotia Power (2) 
87Nova Scotia Power (Parking - M) (1) 
88Nova Scotia Power (Parking - M) (2) 
89Nova Scotia Priorities and Planning 
90Nova Scotia Procurement Board 
91Nova Scotia Property Assessment 
92Nova Scotia Protocol Office 
93Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service 
94Nova Scotia Royal Gazette 
95Nova Scotia Sea School 
96Nova Scotia Securities Commission 
97Nova Scotia Signature Resorts 
98Nova Scotia Sport Hall Of Fame 
99Nova Scotia Tourism & Culture 
100Nova Scotia Transportation & Public Works 
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