Downtown Halifax Business Connection, Halifax, NS, Canada
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January 2021
Halifax Downtown Business List

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# Halifax Downtown Business Name
2T.G.I. Fridays Restaurant 
3T4G Limited 
4Tai Pan 
5Taj Mahal Restaurant 
6TAL Private Management Limited 
7Talay Thai Restaurant 
8Talentworks Inc. 
9Tall Ship Silva 
10Tavel Limited 
13TD Bank - Human Resources 
14TD Bank - Insurance 
15TD Bank - Mezzanine Level 
16TD Canada Trust 
17TD Evergreen Investments 
18TD Meloche Monnex Financial Services Inc. 
19TD Private Investment Counsel 
20TD Waterhouse Canada 
21TE Investment Counsel 
22Telav Inc. 
23Telecom Applications Research Alliance 
24Telefilm Canada 
25Telus Mobility (GBS Communications) 
26Telus National Systems 
27Terra Consultants Ltd 
28Terry Fox Foundation 
30Thai Chin 
31The Altus Group 
32The Argyle Bar and Grill 
33The Armour Group Ltd 
34The Attic 
35The Barrington Consulting Group 
36The Bead Pod 
37The Bitter End Bar 
38The Book Room Ltd. 
39The Brass Monkey Cigar Lounge 
40The Break Shop 
41The Burger Gourmet 
42The Canadian Depository for Securities 
43The Cartridge Factory 
44The Cassidy Group 
45The Cavern Bistro & Wine Bar 
46The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Education & Development (CEED) 
47The Chronicle Herald Limited 
48The Coaching People 
49The Cole Group 
50The Coles Group 
51The Computer Guy 
52The Crown Bistrot - Delta Halifax Hotel 
53The Decorating Shoppe 
54The Dill Pickle 
55The Dome 
56The Drycleaner 
57The Economy Shoe Shop Cafe & Bar 
58The Flower Shop Ltd. 
59The Frigate 
60The Galley Buffet 
61The Gloabl Gourmet 
62The Greenery Florist 
63The Halifax Club 
64The Halifax Refugee Clinic 
65The Halliburton 
66The Harbourside Market 
67The Hardman Group Limited 
68The Hardman Group Limited (Parking - M) 
69The Haynes Group of Lawyers 
70The Head Shoppe/Golden Clipper 
71The Helical Corporation Inc. 
72The Henry House Restaurant & Pub 
73The Hive Hair Studio 
74The Jeanery 
75The Keg 
76The Keyosk 
77The Kidney Foundation of Canada 
78The Landing Surgical Centre 
79The Links At Montigue 
80The Metro Tapas & Wine Bar 
81The Mortgage Centre 
82The Mud Room Cafe 
83The New Palace Cabaret Limited 
84The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration 
85The Old Triangle Ale House 
86The Paper Garden 
87The Pewter House Ltd 
88The Pita Pit 
89The Plaid Place 
90The Printer Downtown 
91The Printing House 
92The Schooner Pub 
93The Sonic Temple 
94The Soup 
95The Two Sisters 
96The Unicorn 
97The UPS Store 
98The Warehouse 
99The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel 
100The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel (Parking - H/D) 
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