Downtown Halifax Business Connection, Halifax, NS, Canada
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April 2021
About us

In 2004 the round table (members of the board) created a think tank of ideas of what would benefit Downtown. Increasing traffic, doing business with each other, having a web presence and being more visible to the public were the words of wisdom. We agreed that an creating a localized web site designed for members to communicate with each other was an inexpensive tool to house the downtown business.

To follow up these great ideas we did an electronic study which asked members (1900 COMPANIES ) if this was in fact a step in the right direction. The response was 42% yes & 40% needed more info. In addition to this we conducted a field study to reinforce the responses. Are survey told no lies.

In June of 2006 based on we have set out to build the electronic downtown Web portal which will house all of our Business for (one stop) visibility for both members & visitors .Included in this will be aspects or important events surrounding the History of Halifax. We have a lot to offer.

Our focus is local downtown content in one location.
Downtown connection Halifax is your one stop shop for everything in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia. It starts with downtown and moves you all around. This downtown Halifax portal provides the right connection to the downtown of your choice. Halifax Nova Scotia is where it all starts.