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April 2021
Membership Fees

As a group and a member of the we have a huge opportunity to spend less money in marketing our area and bringing new life to one of Nova Scotia’s greatest highlights. As a group of over 1900 companies we together can spend little to get a lot.

Our objective is to bring new life and increased awareness to downtown Halifax through collective marketing and advertising. This means first and foremost that we all have a web presence providing electronic accessibility to the ever increasing volume of internet users. We need to be visible! People can now preview your wares creating that extra encouragement for visiting your location.

With the initiative of the Downtown organizations (Halifax Downtown Business Commission & Spring Garden Development Corp) who are viewed as the “go to” people for all of our issues, we need to agree that collectively we can go a long way with little effort & little money. Together we can make a difference.

Who should participate and who will benefit? Everyone! Whether you are corporate or retail the fact remains we all are winners by highlighting our products & services and supporting increased awareness of what’s in Downtown. In our small densely populated area you have approx 25,000 people within walking distance of your business.

How is this different from other Web Sites? Well first of all, other sites tend to be non-specific geographically & not self contained. Surfers are reflected and deflected so you end up in another part of the world. The other is that they are static web sites) which means view only (no smarts). We are an intelligent web site (interactive) that provides an organization real data & information that means something to the bottom line. (see paragraph Interactive feedback below). Secondly content density is for our area. (Downtown Halifax) We tell when you are leaving our area. Great for Tourists & Locals.

Interactive feedback (increased Business) Through our intelligent database you as members & your employees can create invitations for supplying product or services (this can also be done anonymously). Businesses can also post their information relating to what they do which will then be matched up with invitations. You can also provide incentives to members enhancing the possibility in obtain their business. You improve your bottom line.

Outside Content: Downtown members will have first right of refusal to expose their products and services. Outside content which is non competing will be the only exception unless an existing member's product is not posted as a result of non-participation in the program.

Doing nothing is not an option. Talk is cheap and so is this service as a group. Our electronic study completed several months ago indicated a 44 % IN AGREEMENT AND 42 % NEEDING MORE INFO so we are off to a good start. We need to be better, more proactive and smart in our marketing efforts. As a team /community of businesses we can lower our costs of doing business while increasing it.

Costs for Members only: $45.00 monthly
Non Members: $50.00 to $75.00 weekly

The offers members an array of cost savings through our benefit sponsors

Included in costs are:

- Self contained Miniature website / Profile
- Profile Hosting and traffic management to existing website
- Savings on Home and Auto: Now in Halifax.
- Discount on business communications / internet and home packages. (Phone, High Speed Internet and Satellite TV). Discount rates can be accessed after sign in and registration.
- Group Insurance: Exclusive group rates specifically designed for DHBA Members through L. Joncas Insurance Services Inc. Underwritten by Industrial Alliance

Advertisement and Banner Pricing: Please email for further information.
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